Hello. My name is Cathy Miller and I am, the Prairie Godmother. I hope you’ll come visit me from time to time as I talk about anything and everything that’s on my mind at that moment. This is my attempt to reach those with like interests, kindred spirits as it were, sharing with each other, honing … Continue reading About

New Feature!!

I’d like to be organized. I pretend I’m organized all the time. One day I will be organized, hopefully by osmosis.  However, there are times when my pretend organized state collides with reality. Hence, I’m adding a new heading to my menu. It’s called, “Make it Yourself!!”  I’m so tired of finding great sounding recipes that … Continue reading New Feature!!

Just Messin Around

Typically I’m not a fan of black and white pictures. Ansel Adams is a superb photographer but his photographs would be so breathtaking in color! I agree the detail is so much clearer in black and white but, I love color, particularly in things that are truly colorful!! What a shame to take away their … Continue reading Just Messin Around