About my family and me:

If we’re supposed to get to know each other, I guess I have some things to tell you about myself. I’m married to a wonderful guy named Tom. We’ll be married 30 years this September! Woo-hoo!!!! I recognize how blessed I am having him in my life. We’re each others’ best friend, we’re confidants, we’re sole mates. We both have a sense of humor and try not to take ourselves too seriously. The Lord is first and central in our lives which makes a HUGE difference. We pray together. We respect each other. We value each other’s opinion, even on those rare occasions when we don’t take it. We support each other. We know how to have an argument without having a fight; our words are chosen carefully! We know how to have fun and work together. I think we’re gonna keep each other. I’d show you a picture of us but he’s kinda shy so, maybe another time.

We have two sons. Our oldest is married and he and our daughter-in-law have given us 3 of the most wonderful and adorable grandsons in the world! I have to admit, they’re even cuter than our boys were at that age – and our boys were adorable too! You’ll have to use your imagination. More about them throughout the blog.

Our youngest son, Clayton (we call him Tate), is living with us, finishing college and working full time. He’s a busy guy. He’s our cowboy, except without the horse (other than his Mustang car – hey, a guy’s gotta start somewhere) or a ranch. He’s not without a spread however; it’s just usually “spread” all over the floor of his bedroom.

This was a celebratory picture. I took this shortly after he’d lost 60+ pounds. What’a hunk, huh?! Can a mom say that?

This is our dog, Chester. He really IS the greatest dog in the world!! He said it’s okay for me to post a picture of him; he’s a bit of a ham. I really dig his sexy black ‘stache and he’s every bit as soft as he looks. He’s 110 pounds but thinks he’s a lap dog. He’s a great chaser of cats and squirrels, until he hits the end of his leash. He leaves them with a powerful threat – something about next time. Usually he’s smiling; I must have caught him in a more serious mood.

To say I love to cook is an understatement. I LOVE to cook. I LOVE to browse, share and collect recipes! I wish I were a gourmet chef; I wish I were a plain o’ chef. I LOVE cookbooks, however, I have limited space for them. I promised myself that if I get a new book, I have to give one away. Not only does that prevent me from hoarding but it also makes me think carefully about buying just any ol’ cookbook. Having to choose which to give away is like choosing between my children!!! I’m thinking the TV could go.

My husband and sons all had a hand in making this cabinet for me! It’s beautiful and I love it!! I was looking up at this shelf one day and wondered what a stranger might be able to tell about me just by seeing the various cookbook titles. First, one would say, “she likes to eat.” That too is an understatement. But I’m thinking I may have a few more pastry/baking cookbooks than anything else (other than the totally underutilized Weight Watchers cookbooks). So one may accurately deduce I enjoy baking the best. Baking is more of the challenge I’m looking for; accurate measuring (not a problem), long hours of waiting to see if the product turns out like the picture (even that’s ok) but it’s mostly the artsy part of it that attracts me. It’s the over-the-top eye candy that makes me want to step up to the challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking as well but pastry/baking is my first choice. I’ll be sharing recipes with step-by-step pictures. I hope you’ll try them and come back for more.

I really enjoy photography as well, even though I’m a novice. I like to try unusual settings, lighting and poses. I appreciate getting advice and tips from other websites that I can pass along. I’m a total fan of Ree Drummond from thepioneerwoman.com. She has page after page of photography tips and instruction.My plan is do all of my own photography for the recipes I share. We’ll see how it goes but you’ll have to tell me what you think.

Well for now, that’s about it. I hope you’ll come back frequently for recipes, quips and musings. Hopefully we’ll be able to spend more and more time together.

Thanks for stoppin by.


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