Even if You Don’t Like Egg Rolls, You’ll Like These

4 thoughts on “Even if You Don’t Like Egg Rolls, You’ll Like These”

  1. It is true… I’m not a fan of egg rolls, but love these! Now I have even more respect for all the work it took you to make them for us at work!

    1. It’s really crazy!! I don’t know what it is about them but like I said, people that don’t normally care for egg rolls do like them. See, now you can get together with your friends and make a whole mess of them and take your leftovers school the next day!!! If there’s any left!

  2. Okay… It has been a LONG time since the Kaesebier/Miller crews have united for an egg roll night… Any interest? Besides me, that is…

  3. Gee whiz Therese!! I’m so sorry for the delay in getting a reply to you and everybody else but I just tonight figured out how to “reply” to comments on the post. I think I sense an egg roll evening coming SOON now that things are quieting down. I’m ready at a moments notice (and a fast trip to Wallyworld for wrappers)!! We’ll have to take all kinds of pics with all of us posing with smiles like in the catalogs so everybody will see that they’re as fun to make as they are to eat!! Wait, I think that’s something else. Thanks for coming to the site to check it out. How about if you guest post some time? You’ve got some WONDERFUL things in your repertoire!!

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