No more Mustard Mess

I don’t know about you gals, but I have a VERY clever and ingenious hubby!! I come up with, what I think are good ideas now and again, but this guy is GOOD! Here’s an example of his ingeniousocity (how’d ya like that word?)!! I used to absolutely hate refilling the mustard bottle!! And I wasn’t the only one in our family. When the mustard bottle was low, strangely our family seemed to go on a mustard fast. Nobody would even touch it! So, I’d finally get an ice tea spoon and spoon feed it like a baby – and it was just like feeding a baby – juicy burps like the la brea tar pits, spewing mustard all over my hand and the counter or have a spoonful not go in at all because of an air pocket. It was just like those “real life” black and white dramatized commercials you see where the lady’s making a TERRIBLE mess doing it “the old fashioned way”. It wasn’t until I started working in a bakery, that served lunch, that I was introduced to a better way to refill the mustard. They poured the mustard into a sandwich bag, cut a corner off, stuck the opening into the mustard bottle and – viola! – squeezed the mustard into the bottle neatly as ever!! When I came home and shared what I’d learned, suddenly the mustard fasts were a thing of the past!! While that was still much better than spoon feeding, it took longer to get ready to fill it then the actual process of filling it. And then there’s the sandwich bag waste – not too eco-friendly I have to say. Then my hubby came up with this INGENIOUS idea! Are you ready?!!!

Look at this!!! Okay, so I had already started filling our mustard bottle when I thought to share it with you, hence the thick yellow lip gloss already on the lip of the jar. Here’s what you do: when you first open a new refill jar of mustard , DON’T tear the paper seal off!!! With a paring knife, make a small “X” in the paper seal, at the top of the mouth. Just 2 small slits will do it. That’s your air hole. Directly down from the “X”, cut 2 slashes that will make the sides of a triangle. The bottom of the triangle will be the rim of the jar mouth. Remove ONLY the paper from inside the triangle. SIDE NOTE: Keep in mind, the bigger and wider your “triangle” at the bottom, the bigger and broader the flow of mustard. That’s it!! Now each time you need to refill, just shake and give a little squeeze. I ask you, is this not sheer ingeniousocity!!! Are you ready to see how effortlessly it fills the mustard bottle?!!

Would ya look at that!! Poetry in motion, well, actually mustard in motion – the way it should be! With this wonderful new idea, the next time your mustard bottle needs to be refilled, the family will be clambering over each other to see who reaches the fridge first! So there you have it, from my hubs!! U.S. Patent pending #99458675840322. Just kidding – but I wish.


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