Indoor Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ

7 thoughts on “Indoor Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ”

    1. Welcome, welcome!!! I’m really glad you stopped by!! We (hubby and me) sneaked over to your website and really enjoyed it! You’re a brave sole!! The Jicama is something we’ve seen in the stores and wondered about but never tried, and the black cardamom, we’ve never even heard of it. At least now we have an idea of what to expect. Very descriptive, left nothing to question and we really appreciate that. I wish the tags on these things at the stores had as descriptive info as what you offer! It sounds like you have a very interesting career (I’m glad you specified the “criminal” aspect before we proceeded any farther into your blog! lol) in a very remote area! Thank you for your comment on the pulled pork. It really is great (not bragging on myself but the recipe)!! I hope you’ll be able to try it. It’s really easy and VERY rewarding. We’re big ribs fans and what you have look fantastic!! I hope you’ll stop by again soon. I’m getting a new post ready now. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always appreciate hearing from new friends.

  1. Tried this myself, made only very few modifications to suit my taste, but instead of a foil pouch I just used an oven bag. Works AWESOME. Putting this in my recipe rotation! Thanks

    1. Outstanding idea to use the oven bag!! Thanks SO MUCH for commenting on this recipe after trying it and including suggestions!! That’s what this us all about!! Thank you again!

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