When I Get a Wild Hair . . .

Man, I hope I’m not the only one out there that when I get a wild hair to do something, I wanna do it like, ‘while ago! Well this “wild hair” took THREE WEEKS to get accomplished!!! Remember I said I loved to photograph old barns, silos, corn cribs and the like? Well I was able to get permission (oh yeah, it was a God moment) from the landowner to take pictures of our son on their old farm. So between schedules and weather, we were finally able to get out there and get some pictures taken. I’m actually hoping to take pictures of him with his girlfriend but I thought we’d best scope out the area first. We wanted to make sure the spiders and snakes were to a minimum (like ZILCH!!!! for both of us females’ sake – it’d be a rather blurry picture with both of us running!!). I’m happy to report there’s just poison ivy, or oak or whatever it is that grows around a tree. I have a photo where Tate is leaning against a tree and the poison “whatever” has made it’s way into the frame.  Anyway, without any further ado, here are some pictures of our son, Tate (the cowboy).

I really could use some suggestions on this picture. The sun was so bright that I needed to tone the colors down but in the process I kinda feel as though I muddied them. The poles really were a very washed out grey and the ends of the bushes were really brownish.  Just seem kinda, too contrast-y. Any suggestions? I’m using Adobe LightRoom 3.6 to edit.

Everybody, this is Tate. Say hello to everybody, Tate.

The place where we shot had GOBBS of utility poles!!! If there was 1, there were 50 on the property!! The only thing I can think of is that they musta escaped from the “pole” barn. Sorry. Country humor – or at least an attempt at it. Side Note: For those of you not exposed to much farm stuff, a “pole barn” is an outbuilding on the farm that’s covered in metal. They were framed with poles partially buried in the ground creating an all wooden framework. Back-in-the-day (uh-hum, so I’m told) that’s what the outbuildings (or machine sheds and such) used to all be made of before posts and the metal construction became available. Everything was called a pole barn – except a real “barn” which was . . . just a barn. Nevermind.

I like this one better in black and white as well.

See, more poles!! They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!!

Can you say poison ivy, oak or sumac?!! Close but thankfully not too!

LOVE this one!!

LOVE this one too!

Didn’t want to crop the sides on this one. I thought the truck was too important.

Well, that’s it. Hopefully I’ll have more to show another time. If you have ANY suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.


4 Replies to “When I Get a Wild Hair . . .”

  1. Gotta love a cowboy in a white long sleeve shirt with the cuffs rolled up some – especially would like nice in a black and white shot! Tell that cowboy he has a nice smile, looks like he has been up to some cow tip’n – Cathy, you might google some cowboy photo images to see how they pose – you got great backgrounds! Cannot wait to see more of them!!

    1. Hello stranger!!!! Thanks for your suggestion about Googling poses! Excellent idea! So far we have 2; arms folded and thumbs in the pocket. Bless his heart, he asked if there was anything else he could do besides lean on everything. I too LOVE the white shirt and rolled up sleeves. He’d just gotten off work when we had the opportunity to go so we went for it. I surely do appreciate your stopping, checking out these pictures and your ideas!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!

  2. Thought of a pose – back against the pole with feet crossed one over the other and hat pulled tipped down to make it look like he is take’n a break from rustle’n up them there doggies – props need a rope! Gosh if I only had a horse and a saddle! Have fun with it!!

    1. Cool!!! Wonder what Carter Bros would charge for about 30 minutes of not riding but just pictures. Probably the same as riding. There’s some pretty areas back in there too. Wow! Yeah, I’m likin that whole idea. Sure glad there’s no film to waste. That’s what makes this so cool. Plus you get to see them as you go! Keep those ideas comin!

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