The Window – Photography

Have you ever had one of those moments when the sunlight came through a window or shone on an object so perfectly, that it was THE MOST PERFECT MOMENT in the world?! I had just that kinda moment this afternoon. The light streaming in the window was perfect. The breeze was perfect.

Yes, I coulda toned down the light, and the highlights when I edited this picture but then, I didn’t really care to see what was outside and besides, that’s not how it looked. I coulda upped the shadows and darks but I didn’t want it any more defined. I wanted to capture just exactly as it was – perfect. This scene reminded me of when I was a little girl at our grandparents’ house, on the farm, in the summer. Sometimes when I had to take a nap I got to lie on the softest, whitest chenille bedspread on Grandma and Grandpa’s bed. Their bed had an almost natural, cradling indention on Grandpa’s side that, toward the foot of the bed fit me just fine. Grandma had sheers similar to these in their room, and a window fan. There were always breezes coming in the two windows and I used to lie there watching the fan blades switch directions as the windows took turns bringing in the breezes. As the curtains billowed in one window, the other window’s curtains were drawn in so tightly they’d form around every shape’s nook and cranny. Sometimes the breezes would be enough for the bottom of the curtain to reach out to touch my toes or foot and just slide right back off. So comfy, so comforting, so sleepy, so perfect. I think of those naps often when I see the sun filtering through the sheers like this. I still love to watch the curtains wave in the breeze, then just trail off and start all over again.  Ahhhh. It was a good afternoon. Who’d think that sucha treasured memory would come, all from just looking at the window.